Since the company was founded in 1998 by Dr. William Meng, after growing in Suzhou and Toplens (Hangzhou). Inc., Toplens has become synonymous with professional, sophisticated and reliable suppliers of high quality optical processing machines and testing instruments.  In 2000, Toplens established business with its first partner, OptoTech Germany GmbH, and with second partner, Belgium A & R company, in 2005, and not until 2011 did it have Opteg GmbH Germany as the third cooperator, which greatly enriched the products the company can provide for customers: from optical CNC precision machines, including spherical, plano, aspheric machines; surfacing, control and measuring freeform surfaces, to laser marking and inking equipment that involves lens surfacing, control and packaging. 

In the beginning, there was just a general idea, and “know-how” was needed to put ideas into real devices. During communication with users, we learned what the market needs, and what we can do. Thanks to precision optical engineering developing team, each customer’s real needs can be converted into products. From the first drawings in 2002 to today’s precision goniometer, laser marking and inking systems, CNC crib cutting machine center, metrology instruments for RX Labs and freeform design software in total five series of products, the company, with its excellent team, has developed into one of the most reputable and dynamic companies in fields of both optical precision optics and ophthalmic industries. 

Our company is focused on product customization. The purpose “to create unique equipment with precision optical technology” is what our company has been established on and what we follow to meet customer needs. Through large annual investment in R&D, our products continue to emerge. With a thorough understanding of the characteristics of the optical industry and the special requirements of each client, the company has come to the forefront of technological innovation. Constantly guiding the development of optical processing and testing, Toplens has the ability to produce optical metrology equipment that will bring new ideas and new concepts to optical processing industry.

The best product is inseparable from high quality service. If the first sale of device to customers relies on specification in the product brochure, the second sale always depends on the service provided. In fact, the best products and services to customers is not to visit them frequently, but to let customers unaware of the need for your services. This requires finest quality of raw materials and components suppliers in the design and production of the device, and adequate tests before the product is brought to the market. On the other hand, it is necessary to have a responsible technical team liable for customer training on correct use of the products in details. In order to stand out in these two areas, it is important for all staffs in the company to reach a consensus and unity of purpose. Thanks to our team, Toplens has been outstanding following such directions.

Combination of A & R companies in Belgium, German OptoTech and Opteg GmbH and our own, we can offer you the following products: 

    • CNC precision optical machines from φ1mm to φ2000mm, including spherical, aspheric and freeform surfaces 

    • Optical measurement equipment, including interferometer and goniometer 

    • Ophthalmic freeform surface machining and testing equipment 

    • Ophthalmic automatic control and packaging equipment 

    • Laser marking systems and Inking system 

    • Freeform surface design software 

    • CNC lens cribber machine

    • Ion beam figuring machine 

    • Optical coating machine