Smart Edger


SmartEdger is the only commercial 5-axis of lens crib center that is available currently, with its design of All-in-One freeing people from complicated fitting work. Its processing cycle includes crib, bevel, drilling, grooving, polishing and diamond trimming.

    Based on EtherCAT industrial BUS motion control unit, SmartEdger can complete the fitting job with lens of high curves required by sports and other difficulties, especially diamond trimming, which greatly makes up the current shortage of diamond trimming professionals. SmartEdger is designed in a vertical Dual workpiece spindles, vacuum clamping technology and non-contact profiler which enable to cut one pairs of lens with both water-cut and dry-cut option. Unlike dry-cut that will bring pollution, water-cut in the cycle makes sure your workshop clean, through its contaminated waste collection system that lets you easily deal with waste and conforms to the city requirement of environment protection. With the tool of up to 40,000 rpm combined with HSK shrink tool holder, plus water-cut, crib processing of one conventional pair of lenses can be done within one minute.

    In order to coordinate with these objectives, SmartEdger integrates an automatic tool shift with eight positions which allows you to have enough processing possibility. Thanks to shrink tool holder and PU polishing tools, it is possible to crib lenses faster and more accurately, even diamond trimming.

SmartEdger equipped with XYZBC1C2 CNC motion control system and PCD cutting tools, which enable to cut any complicated shape lens. Lens edge profile detection unit can inspect dual lens edge profile with vacuum clamp less system, save your investment on extra blocking system. Above all highlights make quick cutting one pair lens in one minute possible

    SmartDraw is a 3D lens processing software, compatible with OMA and VCA standard. It can display real time 3D lens shape and allow you to control process parameters, which lets you check the results before and after trimming to avoid mistakes. In a 3D environment, you can easily edit processes in order to improve processing efficiency. SmartDraw also offers an offline version, so that you can install it on other computers. You can enjoy lens crafting during the process, improve efficiency and set process parameters automatically uploaded through the server to process the sequence of jobs, completing lens processing while having a coffee.

SmartEdger is designed based on modules, consisting of data processing module, the spindle module, driver module, compressed air module, cooling water modules, and IO modules. Thanks to EtherCAT protocol, SmartEdger will check each module automatically at startup. If there is a module in question, SmartEdger will tell you which unit or module it is to help you easily locate the fault.