DIP 300

Digital Ink Printer

 In mass production labs with 300 jobs/day, there are always clients asking for customization of their own pattern, with a small quantity but huge varieties. Pad printing by cliche is apparently unable to do the job. So digital inking printers, evolved from inkjet printers, came into market.

    Compared to pad printing, digital ink printers can print any image you design and automatically finish any kind of image thanks to its combination with automatic identifying invisible mark. Unlike oil-based solvent, UV ink will not leave a mark on the lens surface after mark is erased by alcohol.

DIP300 uses environment friendly UV ink and designed with duplex bit redundancy. Meanwhile, it comes with daily cleaning

program, holiday cleaning program, moisturizing ink nozzle, ink temperature control unit to greatly prevent the nozzle from ink jam that will further leads to a Down machine. Its simplified maintenance makes it possible for you to experience an easy, clean and environmental friendly printing.

 In order to meet clients’ requirement of high-resolution inking so that it can have comparable results with pad printing, DIP300 introduces interpolation method in X-Y direction, resolution from 400DPI to 1200DPI adjustable. When there is a jammed nozzle, this in particular shows the advantages of interpolation system, solving the problem of dead pixels by replacing the nozzle with the adjacent ones.